Cookie Scout Challenges

Cookie Scouts 1 in Cloudpuff Park and Trailhead 5

Trailhead 5: Meet the Cookie Scouts!

Cookie Scouts 2 in Dusty Desert and Trailhead 23

Cookie Delivery

Cookie Scouts 3 in Jungle Junction and Trailhead 41

Scouts in the Jungle

Cookie Scouts 4 in Bamboo Bay and Trailhead 59

Steak and Scouts

Cookie Scouts 5 in Autumn Pass and Trailhead 77

Follow The Cookie Scout

Cookie Scouts 6 in Riptide Beach and Trailhead 95

Cookie Scout Parade

Cookie Scouts 7 in Creamy Medowand Trailhead 113

Scouting for Cookies

Cookie Scouts 8 in Hoodoo Canyon and Trailhead 131

Hoodoo Cookie Delivery

Cookie Scouts 9 in Snowy Slopes and Trailhead 149

Lots of Cookie Scouts!

Cookie Scouts 10 in Milky Way and Trailhead 167

Cookies in the Milky Way

Cookie Scouts are seen in the Cookie Scout challenges. The Cookie Scout challenges involve Steak and a number of cookie scouts There are 3 cookie scouts who are delivering cookies. The number goes up to 4 in Cookie Scout Challenges 5, 6, 7 and 8. In cookie scouts challenges 9 and 10, you have 5 cookie scouts. You don't only have to control Steak, but you also have to control the cookie scouts. If Steak drops his milk, you lose. But you also lose if all of the cookie scouts drop their cookie boxes.