Jake Flipdeck

Jake is the only playable character in Steak and Jake, and it's sequel, Midnight March. He is the one who clears Steak's path. Normally, his role in the Steak and Jake Milk Company is to drive the milk truck. Now, Jake takes care of Steak and make sure he dosen't break his milk.

Flipdeck informationEdit

Jake is the brains behind the Steak and Jake Milk Company. Jake's many skills such as driving, buissness development and pastuerization don't hold a candle to his uncanny ability to quickly change colours. It is unknown how he developed this skill, but some believe it could be linked to his previous (and short-lived) buisness venture in the tie-dye indistry.


Jake can turn into multiple different colours in the Steak and Jake games. In the first game, Jake can turn into red, blue, yellow or green. But in the second game, Jake can turn into different colours supporting the halloween theme. Red and green stay but blue and yellow are replaced with purple and orange. In Midnight March, the colors had desighns on them.

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