Mooner Ranch
Mooner Ranch

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Tutorial - Learning the Basics

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Steak and Jake

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Mooner Ranch is the first location.

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Trailhead 1



Milk Race

Ranch Racing

Mooner Ranch

The 1st Area.

Mooner Ranch is the first area in Steak and Jake. Its local baddie is the Mooner. This area is named after said local baddie, and the fact that is based around a ranch. It is suspected that this area is the home of Steak and Jake. The tutorial and Trailhead 1 are based in Mooner Ranch. At this typed milk race, we are in one of the final races.

Mooner Ranch and every other area


Mooner Ranch has a grassy patch at the top and dirt under the patch. Usually, you'd see more of the dirt. But on smaller blocks, there may be more grass. There can be darker browns than others in the dirt giving the dirt something like sun spots: darker areas.